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I'm Legitti, early 90's dude from Finland. You may have heard of me, and I'm very glad you found here. I'm fairly known on various web sites and communities, and I think that I've established pretty decent branding and follower base under my name. But yeah, I'm enjoying life and doing things in between that I like, and of course learn new things every single day.

Let me tell you about main thing that I like to do - music. I find myself often creating and composing on genres like dubstep, edm, classical, ambient, hip-hop, soundtracks and so on. I'm always exploring new ways to work with music and to expand my abilities. I'm also trying to keep my productions clean and simple, yet still give some sort of emotion. And oh yeah, I absolutely love the piano.

I've created a few websites, mostly designing & creating websites for my needs, but I've also been part of a few professional projects as well. Note also that this site is not ready yet, and probably never will be, but I'll try to keep updating and optimizing this for your comfort.

When I have some time off and nothing better to do, or if I just want to relax and get my mind off things, I might play games such as CS:GO, GTA V, Fortnite or the Halo series. I also collect things on Steam, like badges, items and games. Gamer for life!

If you have any questions, feel free to get touch with me and I'll be more than happy to talk with you. Feel free to join my Discord server at any time. And check out my blog too!

Thanks for being here and for remember… sharing is caring!


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